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Sivaganga Sahathevan

Sivaganga Sahathevan,has trained from very early age in Indian Carnatic music - vocals and the String Instrument, Veenai. Her parents have persistently encouraged art along with academic education for all their children. All through Sivaganga’s education in India & her married life with Sahathevan in Australia, she has pursued her passion for music along with a professional alacrity as State Revenue Officer in the Victorian State Government. Siva and Saha’s household is an hotspot with the various art & culture related activities that her family chooses to surround itself with, in their Australian lifestyle. Apart from being a dedicated music teacher to children & youngsters in Darebin, she has performed in Perth, Sydney, Canberra & United Kingdom and this stands testimony to her ability to mingle with people, her proficiency in her chosen art forms & her enterprising nature. An active member of the Darebin Music Feast committee, she has produced successful TOI shows with her music students for the last 13 years. Exploring her synergy with Shylaja Chetlur, she expands her foray with her artistic engagements.